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Iranian Govrnment Is Terrorist - 2003-07-08

Dear sir.

I tried to translate my letter in English which it may have some mistake on it , so first of all I want to apologize about it:

Dear sir.

With many thanks to all person who involve the Voa program that let us to have a better chance to communicate with you. since the Voa program are basically cover the view of your governments sight, let me ask some questions as below which they are related to U.S. strategy about Iran.

1)since Mr. gorge w bush has named many times Iran governments as one of the axes of evil ,and as you know the people of Iran are staring some strike against their government, at this moment suddenly U.S. government changes their strategy and they called to these strikes as family arguments!(this has been stated by Mr. Powell few days ago).

2) as you know better than many of us, Iran government has participated in many terrorism acting in the world and also U.S. government has already been suffered in case of some of them, but U.S. government instead of serious respond to these matter ,as we saw it before they started to make a political relation with Iran?s regime.(the example of these contacts are the MacFarlane matters and some activity has done by Mr. Clinton. And maybe many others that we didn?t know about it and the result of them are obvious for us) .unfortunately we see again these contacts are being followed!

3) as you know again the previous Iranian regime(shah) was one of the U.S. colligate countries in the past ,and I would like to now how the former U.S. president let to change that regime to this regime? (about the reason of this matter we heard many things such as the former U.S. president had some personal problem with shah or the U.S. government wanted to make some religious countries to prevent the influence of communism regimes, or U.S. government wanted to sell his weapons to Arabic countries and so by making the Iran as enemy ,it could be happened .and many other things that it is so strange for me the reason of U.S. government to miss his colligated regime.)

Thanks again for your attention and I am waiting

to hear from you soon .

Best regard