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Dear Voice of America News - 2003-01-29

Dear Voice of America News

I am an Iranian who lives in Norway, and I am interested in hearing your program weekly.

The last program was very interesting one and it was pointing out the main supporters of

terrorism in the world. It was nice to hear a brief history of terror and terrorism by your guest,

Dr. Kazem Alamdari. The fact of the matter is that the subject of the discussion was on present terror and terrorism and supposedly to point out the main objectives of the countries which support it. When the discussion focused on Iran, a main supporter of terrorism in the world, Dr, Alamdari tried to avoid to participate in this discussion by going back to the history of the subject discussion. He was trying to divert the focus from Iran by purifying the Khatami`s regime and claiming that situation is much better now than before. I have to ask Dr. Alamdari to read news, specially the Iranian newspapers in order to find out that nothing has changed and on the other hand is intensified. Stoning, public executions, export of terrorism, and finance of terrorism. I wonder why Dr. Alamdari is trying to help Khatami`s terror regime and what he is gaining from it.

At the end I would like to ask you to invite a neutral expert on the subject in order to inform the public of the matter and not Dr. Alamdari who seems to be a supporter of mullahs regime, whose main intention is the export and support of terrorism.

I wish you all the best in your work

Hassan Rivandi