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Make Sure you are in the Right place - 2003-03-30

BBC is the only network in the world which refuses to name PERSIAN GULF correctly. Why?

To the Attention of:

Whitehouse, Pentagon, UK Prime Minister, Congress, other American and British bodies, media and reporters, Army personnel and those who lost their direction in the big body of water to the south of Iran.

Could you please ask all of your colleagues in the US Central Command, British Central Command, your media friends in Qatar, in Washington, in Kuwait, in London, around the world to instruct the Generals”and others, that, as they had studied in school, the “huge body of water” in which they are located at this moment is called “The Persian Gulf” and not the “Arabian Gulf!” It is not because they are fighting an Arab country that they have to suck the Arab world and change the historic name of a region!

For thousand of years, and in every map and school book on earth, the name has been the “Persian Gulf”. Only since Nasser of Egypt, the Arabs are trying to call this important historical region of the world by another name.

Use of Falsified name for the Persian Gulf may confuse your soldiers that studied and learned their lesson as per historic evidences .