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Sen. Brownback's NoRooz Message to the Iranian People - 2003-03-21

Below is a message from Sen. Brownback to the Iranian people -- wishing them a Happy NoRooz.

Sen. Brownback's NoRooz Message to the Iranian People

I am delighted to be able to send my best wishes for a happy NoRooz to the Iranian people. I have heard numerous reports of the widespread celebrations that have been going on inside Iran. Yet again, the Iranian people are showing their courage by celebrating in defiance of the regime's order that the people turn their back on their own rich culture.

NoRooz is a time of beginnings. It is said that how one spends this day will set the tone for the coming year. Iranians by the thousands are spending this day pursuing their freedom, cherishing their ancient civilization and standing tall against tyranny. Indeed, it is a new day in Iran - and I am confident it will be the year of your liberation.

I have been very moved by the hundreds of phone calls and faxes of support for my resolution supporting the Iranian people - S. Res. 82. I have never before seen such a supportive reaction to one of my efforts. I am humbled by your support, and I promise you - I will not give up on you.

May you and your families have a blessed new year. Happy NoRooz!