TODAY’S WOMAN – Program is suspended to air a debate from the University of Virginia’s Miller Center on March 25, 2009. Topic: American cannot tolerate a nuclear armed Iran. Moderated by Margaret Warner of PBS NewsHour. Participants include Elliott Abrams, Martin Indyk, Karim Sadjadpour, and Joshua Muravchik.

NEWS AND VIEWS – Live from Beirut, extensive reporting on the Lebanese election and the strength of Hezbollah. A report on the Islamic Republic’s upcoming elections as analyzed by American experts on Iran at an event hosted by the Carnegie Institute and the Wilson Center. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s latest comments on negotiating with Iran.

48 HOURS – The most celebrated recording artist in the history of pop music in Iran, Googoosh, will be on set to respond to hundreds of e-mails that her fans have sent to 48 Hours. B/Rolls of her concert from the night before in DAR Constitution Hall will be shown during the interview.

LATE EDITION – The latest on the Lebanese election, a report on a D-Day museum and a look at Italian oil painter Morandi and his exhibition of still life.

NEWSTALK – An in-depth at the foreign policy platforms of the presidential candidates in addition to an up the minute live report from our correspondent in Beirut on the Iranian elections.