THE MORNING SHOW – PNN’S two hour special report on the election aftermath in Iran. Hosted by Arash Sigarchi, Negar Mohammadi, and Mahshid Nadiry. News of the latest death toll and the continuing sporadic protests in Tehran and other cities was reported through new incoming video and calls from Iran. PNN’s Kianoosh Sanjari and Ebrahim Biparva joined the discussion.

NEWS AND VIEWS – World reaction to continuing sporadic protests on Sunday. Nazzy Biglari reported live from Dubai. A report on citizen reporters and how new media has become the primary source of information. Also, a report on the escape of the New York Times reporter held captive in Afghanistan.

48 HOURS – Daryoush Homayoun, veteran Iranian journalist shares his insights on the political crisis facing Iranian clerical leaders and how they might resolve the impasse.

LATE EDITION – A report on the revolution in news coverage as a result of the ban on traditional media in Iran. As the whole world is watching, citizen reporters and new media are the main source of information.

NEWSTALK – A pro-con debate on support for demonstrations against the election outcome in the Islamic Republic. Alireza Haghighi joined from Toronto along with Hassan Shariatmadari from Hamburg.