Today’s Woman will be dedicated to voices from Iran featuring pre-recorded viewer phone calls and e-mails. The last segment will include a pre-recorded satirical political monologue by Mr. Ebrahim Nabavi, comedian based in Brussels.

News and Views continues its coverage of Iran’s elections with a report on the most recent debates, a look at Ahmadinejad’s campaign, and a look at how the issues are affecting Iranians living in the Washington DC area. There’s also an update on US Middle East envoy George Mitchell trip to the Middle East as the US steps up pressure for progress on peace negotiations. Dr. Reza Taghizadeh, expert on energy and former University professor at Glasgow University will analyze the IAEA's report on Iran’s Nuclear program, as well as Iranian Presidential candidates' positions on Iran's nuclear program.

Late Edition updates on the Presidential election. There’s also a report on the new Apple IPhone, a profile of the musician Brian Eno, a new Beatles video game, and a preview of the new film “The Taking of Pelham 123.”

Straight Talks features its viewer participation day where viewers discuss the news of the week.

Newstalk hosts Dr Rob Sobhani in DC and Nasser Mohammedi in London to discuss news of the day.