Today’s Woman discusses Iran’s election as it pertains to Iran’s youth. There’s also an interview with Fatima Nazar, Kuwaiti Embassy cultural attaché to discuss women in Kuwait’s parliament.

News and Views offers the latest on President Obama’s arrival in the Middle East. NaV has interviews with Egyptian politicians on the eve of the president’s speech in Cairo. Nicholas Burns, former US State Department official, now at the Harvard University, joins to discuss Obama's Cairo speech and how it might affect U.S. relations with the Muslim World. The broadcast also continues its election coverage with candidate profiles, debate analysis, and how the elections are being portrayed in the Turkish press.

Straight Talk features Berlin-based writer Elahe Boghrat will debate Sadegh Ziba-Kalam, and Ziba-Kalam will join from Tehran via phone in regards to the twentieth anniversary of Khamenei's supreme leadership.

Late Edition features election features a synopsis of election related issues, a debate between guests representing the voting and boycott voting camps, and there’s a preview of the new film “Away we Go.”

Newstalk features political analysts Alireza Nourizadeh in London and Moshen Sazegara in the DC studio to discuss the election and the debates.