Today’s Woman discusses the upcoming election as it pertains to women.

News and views will update on North Korea’s nuclear tests and missile launches. There’s also the latest on unrest following the mosque bombing in Southeast Iran, and interviews from inside Iran regarding the elections and campaign developments. Dr. Abdulsatar Doshoki, an expert on Baluchestan, will discuss the most recent development in religious conflicts and status of religious Sunni minorities.

Majid Mohammadi of SUNY Binghampton will open Straight Talk’s weekly discussion of the twentieth anniversary of Khamenei's supreme leadership.

Late Edition updates on North Korea’s missile tests. There’s also a story of the designer of Iran’s clerical robes, a film about the journey to Mecca, the MTV movie awards, and the new Winston Churchill biopic “Into the Storm.”

Newstalk discusses human rights in Iran and around the world.