Today’s woman will discuss the presence of human sexuality in Iranian blogs including several phone interviews with Iranian bloggers from inside Iran, Germany, and Australia.

News and Views offers an exclusive PNN interview with Roxan Saberi, and has the latest news on the bombing of a Shiite mosque in Southeast Iran. There’s also coverage a meeting with President Obama and the Palestinian leader Abbas. NaV continues its coverage of the Iranian elections and profiles of the candidates. Dr. Amir Hossein Ganjbakhash who will comment on the attacks of "reformists" against the traditional political groups demanding the the "Separation of Church and State" during the presidential campaign. Petroleum expert and consultant Mansour Kashfi to comment on the OPEC meeting in Vienna yesterday at which the cartel decided not to cut production levels. 

Former IRI president Abol -Hassan Bani- Sadr will join Straight Talk to share his views on the elections from Paris.

Late Edition recaps the PNN exclusive interview with Roxana Saberi. There’s an interview with Flamenco musician Amir Akbari, and a report on the three wheeled scooters taking over the streets of Paris. Coffee Shop reports on new gaming technology, and Static takes on the presidential elections.

Newstalk will discuss the week in US foreign policy.