TODAY’S WOMAN – Cosmetic Plastic Surgery for body contouring is discussed with Dr. Khosrow Matini, Plastic Surgeon.

NEWS AND VIEWS Summit opens in Tehran with Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan on finding ways to combat terrorism and drug trafficking.  Pakistan moves in troops against the Taliban in the battle for control of the main city in the Swat Valley. An estimated crowd of 20,000 stage an election rally in Tehran in support of Presidential Candidate Mousavi. The Islamic Republic moves against Facebook, blocking it and other internet sites as the election approaches.

48 HOURS – First half - David Menashri, head of the Center of Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University, will discuss the challenge that Iran presents in U.S.-Israeli relations. He will also report on the two-day conference that is held at his center in Tel Aviv on the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Second half hour David Jerusalemi, Professor of Iranian Culture at Tel Aviv University.

LATE EDITION – Facebook is banned in Iran along with other social networking sites as the Presidential election approaches. Also, a look the Pakistani army’s battle against the Taliban for control of the Swat Valley’s largest city.

NEWSTALK - Elections are examined through a detailed look at the candidate’s platform, including Rezai’s proposal for compensation for housewives and Karroubi’s vow to talk to the opposition.