TODAY’S WOMAN – Examines what the issues are for women in the upcoming Presidential election. Fariba Davoudi, a woman’s rights activist, is the guest on set, with a phoner from Tehran with Mashallah Shamvaezin, to round out the discussion. Also a conversation with the mother of prisoner Nazzi Hessami, a member of Alle Yassin. Also, an update on Roxanna Saberi’s return to the U.S.

NAV – Journalist Roxanna Saberi returns to the United States after her incarceration in Iran and says she is glad to be back in the land of the free. Iran Elections are updated with a report about the first day of candidate Mousavi appearance on Iranian TV. Another report looks at voting behavior and whether people vote for an issue or simply vote against the government.

48 HOURS - Reza Taghiazeh, lecturer of political science at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, will discuss the platforms of Iran's four presidential candidates running for the June 12 presidential election.

LATE EDITION – A live interview from Dubai with pop singer Arash. Book club examines Elizabeth Edward’s new book Resilliance. She is the estranged wife of former U.S. Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. And the second part of the interview with Sana’s Metal Band.

NEWSTALK – The Presidential Election is examined from the viewpoint of why people vote: do they vote for the person or an icon, or do they vote for an issue or the system? Guests are Ahmad Taghwaee and Bahman Diba in Washington and Mohsen Khatami in London.