Today’s Woman will focus on the Noor Film Festival highlighting two featured documentary films. Our guest is Mr. Aref Mohammadi, director based in Toronto.

News and Views reports on President Obama’s national security speech. NaV updates on Iran’s missile launch and offer continued reaction. Ilan Berman -- Vice President for Policy, American Foreign Policy Council, will discuss the missile test and Iran’s nuclear program. There’s also additional coverage of the election, with a focus on the role of women, students, and the vetting process of the Guardian Council.

Straight Talk asks its viewers to participate via e-mails, phone calls, and discuss Iran’s economy.

Late Edition covers the winner of this year’s “American Idol” singing contest, an interview with musician Kaveh Sadeghian, a live report from the Cannes Film Festival, and interview with two young Iranian film makers, and a look at the Cannes premier of the new film “Inglorious Basterds.”

Newstalk features its roundup of PNN journalists who will analyze news of the week.