Today’s Woman will update on the Iran’s presidential election, and will discuss that candidates are saying regarding women’s issues, and what the reaction from women’s groups are.

News and Views covers an interview with President Obama in this week’s Newsweek where he talks about Iran. NaV will update on the WH meeting between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. NaV updates on the Iranian presidential race and kicks off the first in a series of election related reports.

Iran's Economy is the subject for this week’s Straight Talk. Paris-based economist Dr. Fereydoun Khavand will discuss the problems faced by Iran.

Late Edition updates on the US/Israeli relations. There’s also a live sports segment on soccer, a fashion show in Iraq, a look at a “poetry slam,” a profile of the singer Estelle, and an update on the Cannes Film Festival.

Newstalk discusses human rights in Iran and around the world.