Today’s Woman will discuss the life and works of in-studio guest Ms. Mari Apic, Iranian actress based in Los Angeles.

News and Views offers the latest on the execution of juvenile offenders in Iran, with coverage of Amnesty International’s protests of the executions in front of Iranian embassies in various cities. There’s also an interview with Roxana Saberi’s lawyer, and a report on a speech given by Rheza Pahlavi at a California university. NaV also covers President Obama’s recent meetings concerning the situations in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Straight Talk invites its viewers to participate on the topic of press freedom.

Late Edition updates on President Obama’s meetings regarding Afghanistand and Pakistan. There’s also an interview with singer Ziba Shirazi, a look at the work of the artist Kadinsky, a profile a new Tori Amos album, and a preview of the new film “Start Trek.”

Newstalk features its roundup of PNN journalists who will analyze news of the week.