Focus is on physical disabilities and how to overcome them. Package on a deaf woman who teaches dancing and another package on a successful blind woman. Two phoners, one with a paralyzed person and the second with a journalist who works with disabled people.

Japan’s Foreign Minister travels to Iran to discuss expanding trade and the case of Roxana Saberi, whose mother is Japanese. PNN’s Rome Correspondent, Ahmad Rafat, will join to discuss the execution Friday of Delara Darabi in Tehran. He will also profile an Italian artist. The second hour of the show features a debate on “What the U.S. should do about Iran’s nuclear program” from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced and International Studies.

Top story is the upcoming presidential elections with Conservative Shariat Madar accusing Reformist candidate Karrubi of being a “foot soldier of Israel” and an “illiterate man, according to Kayhan. Will also look at Iran’s first time helicopter bombing of Kurds in Iraq. Guest is PNN’s contributor Nourizadeh.

The latest on Roxana Saberi. Her father says her hunger strike continues, the Islamic Republic Judiciary denies she is on a hunger strike.

In-depth look at the foreign policy of the presidential candidates and the diplomatic moves between Iraq and Turkey.