Today’s Woman will interview satirist Ibrahim Nabavi, and will discuss the extreme popularity of its controversial Facebook poll.

News and Views offers the latest on the Swine Flu Outbreak. Dr. Hadi Bahar, a member of the International Society of Medicine for Travel and a specialist in travel vaccinations, will join to discuss the current Swine Flu outbreak. NaV updates on the latest on the hunger strike by imprisoned journalist Roxana Saberi, and will report on US government discussions regarding sanctions on Iran. There’s more on the meetings between Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan regarding regional policy, and a report on Pakistan’s operations against the Taliban.

Mansour Taeed will be Roundtable's guest to discuss a one-man comedy play written, directed and performed by himself. The play "Ma Jasoos Neesteem" (We Are Not Spies) is about the situation of the minorities in Iran specially the Baha'i's. The play explores the taboos and misunderstandings that exist among Iranians about minorities.

Late Edition reports on US students testing their knowledge of the US constitution. There’s a also a look at some photos of the week with Ahamad Batebi, a report on Russian Nightlife, a look and Indonesian street theater, a profile of the singer Ida Maria, and movies that are premiering at the Tribecca Film Festival.

Newstalk hosts Dr Rob Sobhani in DC and Nasser Mohammedi in London to discuss news of the day.