Today’s Woman will focus on causes of hopelessness amongst Iranian youth and how this might impact behavior towards the opposite sex. Our guest is Dr. Danesh Froughi, psychologist based in Los Angeles.

News and Views updates on Iran’s involvement in the Pakistan Conference in Tokyo, a offers reports on the latest on discussions about Iran’s nuclear program. There’s also the latest on Cuba voicing a willingness to open talks with the US, and a discussion with Ms. Shinski Karoukhil, member of the Afghan Parliament who will talk about the new law women’s law passed by parliament and signed by President Karzai. From inside Iran offers and interview regarding a crackdown on the use of SMS messaging in Iran.

Rountable will discuss Federalism or Centralized Power in Iran from the Kurdish point of view with two Kurds of differing views: Mohammad Ali Mehrasa, in California and Abdollah Mohtadi in London.

Late Edition updates on President Obama’s trip to Mexico and the region. There’s also an interview with Javad Dadsetan, founder of Iranian Film in Exile, a look at the Scottish YouTube singing sensation, a preview of a film about love in the aftermath of China’s recent earthquake, and an Internet Café take on the Segway personal transporter. And, if it’s Friday, it’s another installment of Static…

Newstalk will discuss the week in US foreign policy.