Today’s Woman will update on protests over new women’s laws in Afghanistan, and will include a phone interview with Mr. Ahmad Wali Karzai, the chairman of the provincial council in Kandahar, on the recent assassination of a prominent feminist activist, which will be followed by a report on the rise of suicide rates amongst Iranian female students.

News and Views covers reports that Iran offers a new package to break nuclear weapons deadlock, and will have the latest from the White House. Dr. Christopher Preble, Director of Foreign Policy Studies, CATO Institute, will join to discuss. NaV offers the latest on news that Russia has decided not to sell the s-300 missiles to Iran. From inside Iran the broadcast will update on the status of Iranian/American journalist Roxana Saberi, and will discuss a new law that extends press restrictions to news agencies.

Menash Amir, Israeli Political Analyst and Dir. of the Persian Service for Israeli Radio will join Roundtable from Jerusalem to discuss the Lieberman/ Netanyahu government and its policy toward Iran, and Palestinians and Israel's reaction to the Obama Administration's outreach to Iran.

Late Edition offers the latest on protests against new women’s laws in Afghanistan. There’s also an update on the student movement in Iran, a story about the “slow food” movement in the US, a profile of the singer Royke Sopp, a look at a Sufi Festival, and a preview of the new film 17 Again.

Newstalk features political analysts Alireza Nourizadeh from London and Moshen Sazegara, in the DC studio to discuss news of the week.