Today’s Woman updates on the imprisonment of Roxana Saberi, and has an interview with her Lawyer. The program will then address viewer calls and emails.

News and Views updates on President Obama’s trip to Turkey and his outreach to the Muslim world. There’s also continuing coverage of North Korea’s missile launch with reaction from the UN and the rest of the world. There’s an interview with the father of imprisoned journalist Roxana Saberi—he offers the latest on her case. Mr. Jack Kelly, former director of Amnesty International and a human rights activist will be on set to discuss understanding the Universal Declaration of Human rights, and from inside Iran there’s an update on the presidential race.

Roundtable hosts the Rev. John Chane, Bishop of Washington, who has traveled to Iran on a number of occasions at the invitation of former Iranian President Khatami who will discuss his inter-faith dialogue with the former Iranian leader.

Late Edition features a live sports segment, an auction of Russian art, a profile of “Frankmusic,” a performance by the remaining members of the “Beatles,”and a preview of the new film Gigantic

Newstalk discusses human rights in Iran and around the world.