Today’s Woman will discuss Iranian youth views on marriage in Iran with guest Mr. Mehrdad Darvishpour, professor of sociology based in Stockholm. The show will also include phone interviews with several Iranian web-bloggers.

News and Views wraps up the events at the G20 meeting in London. Dr. Ian Lesser of the German-Marshall Fund joins the broadcast o discuss the NATO gathering in Strasbourg as NATO turns 60, and it is asked to help in the U.S. campaign to defeat the Taliban. There’s also a discussion with Mr. Mostafa Danesh, an Iranian writer and journalist who has spent considerable time in various parts of Afghanistan and has written numerous publications among them a a book on life among the Taliban. From inside Iran there’s an interview regarding reports that Iran and Venezuela have collaborated on the creation of a new bank, and an update on reports that France’s Total will not be investing in the South Pars oil field.

The Rev. John Chane, Bishop of Washington, who has traveled twice to Iran at the invitation of former Iranian President Khatami will join Roundtable to discuss his inter-faith dialogue with the former Iranian leader.

Late Edition reports on Iran’s automobile industry. There’s also another installment of “Static” and “Internet Café” segments. There’s a profile of Cuba’s “Picasso of the Caribbean,” and a preview of a documentary about fashion designer Valentino.

Newstalk will discuss the week in US foreign policy.