Today’s woman will focus on Iranian women writers including a phone interview with
Dr. Nasrin Rahimieh, professor of comparative literature from the University of California, Irvine.

News and Views updates on the G20 meeting in London, with reports on the protests and world leader’s meetings with the Queen. NaV also covers Israel’s new leader’s stance on Iran, and the debater surrounding North Korea’s imminent missile launch. The broadcast offers the latest on the security situation in Iraq, and has a prview of the NATO summit in Strasbourg.

Abdul Sattar Doshoki, an Iranian Baluch and an advocate for ethnic rights, will join Roundtable to discuss an event hosted by a coalition of European Parliament members on "the Question of Democratization and Federalism in Iran."

Late Edition updates on the G20 meeting. There’s also a story on high tech gyms, an exhibit of art made from toy weapons, people panning for gold in the California hills, a look at “Superband,”and a preview of the new 3D animated film “Monsters Vs. Aliens.”
Newstalk features its roundup of PNN journalists who will analyze news of the week.