Today's Woman will begin with coverage of current events, including phone interviews with relatives of prisoners who were arrested during the Norouz protest outside of Evin prison in Iran. The reset of the show  will be devoted to voices from Iran featuring pre-recorded viewer phone calls, e-mails and a blog segment.

News & Views will report on the Obama administration's next step in its financial rescue package attempting to draw private investors into partnership with a new federal entity that could eventually buy up to $1 trillion in troubled assets that are weighing down the nation’s banks and clogging up the credit markets; a George Mason University economist will be interviewed in this regard; a report on a deal between South Korea and the European Union agreeing to reduce tariffs on key products such as autos and consumer electronics in an effort to increase trade; a congressional report on Washington trying to seek Russia's close cooperation in dealing with Iran and soliciting Moscow's participation in a missile defense system in Europe; a report on the British embassy in Baghdad saying it has received a new video showing one of five British hostages seized by gunmen nearly two years ago; NAV will also report on an interview given by Pakistan's President Pakistan's Asif Ali Zardari to Sky News television saying he would not allow Islamic militants to take control of any part of Pakistan.

The Roundtable with You will interview Paris-based poet Nemat Mirzazadeh (pen name M. Azarm) on the importance of Norouz in Iranian literature and poetry.

Late Edition's top story is US efforts in gaining Moscow's support for pressuring Iran by offering to cancel missile defense deployments in Poland and the Czech Republic -- an offer President Obama reportedly suggested in a letter to the Russian President. A report on the decline of Champagne consumption in Great Britain due to the economic slump in that country; and finally a report on Italian fashion designer and founder of the Valentino fashion house.

Newstalk will update viewers on the latest developments on Iran's human rights situation including the status of imprisoned student leaders and labor union activists.  Human rights activist Ramin Ahmadi and Elaheh Hicks as well as a leader of the students' movement will provide analysis.