Today’s Woman will recap International Women's Day events in Iran and in France including contributions from Ms. Zohra Asadpour, women's activist and member of the One Million Signature campaign from inside Iran, and Ms. Yarshar Mohateshemi, women's activist based in Paris. The last segment will include a satirical look at politics with guest Mr. Ebrahim Nabavi, comedian based in Belgium.

News and Views covers comments by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden who urged NATO members to jointly confront al-Qaida and other extremist groups in Afghanistan. NaV updates on China’s assertion that a U.S. naval vessel that encountered Chinese ships violated Chinese and international law. Fariborz Mokhtari, Professor at National Defense University, joins to discuss his recent fact-finding mission to the Middle East as well as prospects for US-Iran relations. Part two in a series about Iran's relationship with three non-Muslim countries airs—today the discussion is about Israel.

Roundtable hosts Mike Simmons and Anousheh Ansari from Astronomers Without Borders will discuss studying the heavens.

Late Edition updates on protests of the Chinese rule of Tibet. There’s also /a/n interview with photo journalist and activist Ahmed Batebi, a segment of drug use in professional sports, the latest from Fashion Week in Paris, the discovery of a portrait of William Shakespeare, and a preview of the new Broadway play House of Spirits

Newstalk hosts Dr Rob Sobhani in DC and Nasser Mohammedi in London to discuss news of the day.