Today’s Woman offers its “Voices from Iran” program, where emails, calls, and blog responses are discussed.

News and Views reports that Turkey might act as mediator between Iran and the US, helping to push forward a U.S. plan to engage Iran. Mr. Fred Ameri, the Chairman of the Board of the World Affairs Council, will join to discuss Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's trip to the Middle East, and prospects for US-Iran relations. NaV also updates on the status of detained US Journalist Roxana Sabari, and covers reports that Pope Benedict will soon travel to the Middle East, and updates on Morocco’s decision to cut diplomatic ties with Iran Friday, blaming Tehran's "inadmissible attitude" against the African country as a reason.

Roundtable hosts Mehdi Khanbaba Tehrani and Akbar Atri who will join the program to discuss the student movement in Iran.

Late Edition updates on Turkey as a possible US/Iran mediator. There’s also coverage of Rod Stewart’s Concert in Hong Kong, Dior Fashions in Paris, a young Iranian/America Karate champ, and a preview of the 2^nd season of the TV series “Breaking Bad.”

Newstalk discusses human rights in Iran and around the world.