Today’s Woman will discuss the prevalence of internet users and social networking in Iran and around the world with PNN's Hamed Behravan and phoner guest, Mr. Hoomayon Karie, weblog writer based in Australia.

News and Views updates on Secretary of State Clinton’s efforts in the Middle East. Dr. Ali Geranmayeh, former Iranian diplomat and Professor of International Relations at the Middle East Institute, London University will join to discuss the Clinton/Lavrov meeting and Iran nukes. There’s also coverage of reports that Iranian-American freelance journalist Roxana Saberi will be freed soon by Iranian authorities. From inside Iran there’s an interview regarding the recent death of a political prisoner in an Iranian jail, and an interview about preparations for the upcoming presidential elections.

Roundtable hosts Jacqueline Shire, senior analyst at the Institute for Science and International Security, will appear to discuss Iran's nuclear capabilities and scientific knowhow.

Late Edition covers the Obama Administration’s efforts to engage the Muslim World. There’s also a report on the Iphone revolution in Afghanistan, an interview with the “frontman” of the band Samavayo, a look at “hot” yoga, and Michael Jackson’s announcement of his final concert,

Newstalk will discuss the week in US foreign policy.