Today's Woman will continue a debate on sigheh (temporary marriages) in Iran and whether it should become a norm in Iran as a way for men and women to have intimate relationship in a religious society.

News & Views will report on the reaction to President Obama's plans to withdraw most US combat troops from Iraq by August 2010; US Middle East envoy George Mitchell holding talks with Jordan's King Abdullah II and pledging Washington's commitment to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state; Iraqi President Jalal Talabani meeting with his Iranian counterpart in Tehran; Pakistan claiming that it had forced Taliban militants out of a key battleground in the global fight against extremism; Southeast Asian leaders urged Myanmar's junta to move towards democracy at the end of ASEAN's annual summit in Thailand; the annual survey of global counternarcotics efforts by the State Department painting a grim picture of the situation in Mexico and Afghanistran and claiming they both pose significant national security threats to the United States.

48 Hours will host a debate between an Iranian diplomat and a member of the Pan Iranist Party on whether Iran has any sovereignty claims over Bahrain after a top Iranian cleric questioned the Kingdom's sovereignty provoking an outcry in much of the Sunni Muslim world.

Late Edition's top story is President Obama's annoucement that U.S. combat troops will redeploy from Iraq by August 2010; a medical feature on the risks of obesity and smoking and a review of Danielle Steele's new novel "One Day at a Time."

Newstalk will discuss with Berlin University researcher Mehran Barati the significance of Iran's claim that it had carried out successful tests at its Bushehr nuclear reactor, in the latest sign that its nuclear program is gaining speed;  another topic of discussion will be a delegation of Hollywood dignitaries led by the president of the motion picture academy visiting Tehran for a cultural exchange. In another segment, the deteriorating situation of human rights in Iran's Kurdish areas will be discussed with an activist from the region by phone.