Today’s Woman will discuss indicators of interest in the dating scene with guest Ms. Leila Hashemi, psychologist based in Los Angeles.

News and Views updates on President Obama’s first trip abroad to Canada and will provide the latest on the outcome of the elections in Israel. Dr. Nosratollah Vahedi, Physicist from Munich joins the broadcast to discuss latest on Iran nukes and the IAEA. Ms. Sukria Dellawar, Afghan expert with L3 Defense Communications, will be on to discuss sending more US troops to Afghanistan. NaV offers day 5 of the environment series. This final installment is on environmental degradation in Iran.

Roundtable hosts Fakhteh Zamani (Vancouver) and Mr. Nader Paymai (San Jose) the UN’s International Day of Mother Languages.

Late Edition covers immigration issues in Russia, and growing pollution in China. There’s an interview with Rapper Shahin Najafi, a look at 3D technology in video gaming, and the latest from New York Fashion Week.

Newstalk will discuss the week in US foreign policy.