Today’s Woman will discuss the role of men in the Iranian women’s movement and specifically the one million campaign signature with guest Sharareh Shahrokhi, professor of philosophy based in California. Two guests from inside Iran journalist Ali Abdi, journalist and activist, and activist Kaveh Mozafari will join this discussion by phone.

News & Views will update viewers on the G7 meeting held in Italy involving ministers and central bankers of industrial powers; on the passage of the a $787 billion stimulus in the U.S. Congress; on the 4th anniversary of the assassination of Lebanese former premier Rafiq Hariri in Beirut where thousands of people are about to converge to mark the occasion; and on a suspected U.S. missile strike by a drone aircraft flattening a militant hide-out in northwest Pakistan; NAV will also talk to feminist scholar Mehrdad Darvishpour on Iranian women’s struggle for equality.

48 Hours will interview University of California professor Hamid Arabzadeh on President Obama’s plans for developing green technology and jobs to wean America of its dependence on foreign oil and combat climate change.

Late Edition’s top story looks at G7 finance ministers converging on Rome to discuss the economic crisis; it will also talk to sports analyst Iraj Adibzadeh from Paris on Iran’s soccer match with South Korea.  The growing popularity of Vanetine’s Day is another feature in the Late Edition.

Newstalk will analyze Iran-Iraq relations and Washington signaling a willingness to slow plans for a missile defense shield in eastern Europe if Russia agreed to help stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  The second half of the show will focus on the increasing persecution of Iranian citizens belonging to the Bahai faith.