Today’s Woman will begin with coverage of current events, focusing on issues
related to women. Next, the show will discuss lead poisoning in children around the world including a phone interview with Mr. Ismael Kahram, an environmentalist based in Iran. In the last segment, Shideh Rezaei will answer medical questions from viewers.

News & Views will report on meeting in Capitol Hill held last week to examine the various options available to President Barack Obama for better U.S.-Iran relations; Kabul’s request to be part of a major review of US strategy in the "war on terror" in Afghanistan; Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton beginning her first trip to Asia since taking office, with security issues high on the agenda; and a report from the Berlin Film Festival where "The Milk of Sorrow" won the Golden Bear top prize.

48 Hours will feature a debate between the president of the Alliance of Iranian Women, Mandana Zand-Karimi and the University of Southern California Mohammad Sahimi on the candidacy of former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami.

Late Edition’s top story is Venezuelan going to the polls Sunday to vote on changes to the constitution which, if approved, would allow President Hugo Chavez to seek re-election as often as he likes; a report on ways college students pay for higher education; and the Berlin festival.

Newstalk will have a roundtable discussion with guests from London and Paris focusing on Iran's Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar visiting Moscow on Feb. 16 to discuss bilateral military-technical cooperation with Russia; rising tension between Iran and Bahrain after a top Iranian official reported to have said that Bahrain was an integral part of Iran;  and Washington’s indication that it's willing to reconsider the Bush administration's push to deploy a ballistic missile defense system in Eastern Europe if Russia helps curb Iran's push to develop nuclear weapons.