Today’s Woman will be dedicated to voices from Iran featuring pre-recorded viewer phone calls, e-mails and a blog segment.

News and Views reports on Secretary of State Clinton’s first trip abroad to Asia. There’s also an update on Russia’s foreign minister’s trip to the Middle East, and the latest on the elections in Venezuela. NaV continues its coverage of the crackdown on Bahais in Iran and the broadcast offers its first segment in its Iran and the Environment series.

Dr. Mashalla Ajoudani, Iranian author and historian, will join Roundtable to have a wrap on the revolution in Iran, from the Constitutional Revolution to the 1979 Revolution.

Late Edition updates on the elections in Venezuela and profiles a businessman who is creating a barter economy in Russia. There’s also a sports segment, a look and Fashion Week in New York, a book festival in France, and a preview of the new film “Two Lovers.”

Newstalk discusses human rights in Iran and around the world.