Today’s Woman will include an interview with Mr. Hossein Mansouri, son of the late Iranian poet Farook Farokhzad based in Germany. Discussion will focus on a recently released documentary about his life entitled "Moon, Sun, Flower, Game".

News and Views updates on the Taliban attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, and discusses the latest news from the elections in Israel. Dr. Mohsen Milani, Professor of International Relations at the University of South Florida -- on exporting the Iranian Revolution.David Sanger, NY Times Chief Washington correspondent,will be on set to discuss his book, "Inheritance" and yesterday's article on strengthening US/Iran relations and other articles involving Iran, Pakistan, North Korea.

Mr. Arash Sigarchi, Iranian journalist and blogger will join Roundtable to discuss the role of the Internet, as well as blogs in the future of Iran.

Late Edition updates on the elections in Israel. There’s also a conversation with documentarian Mohamed Farokhmanesh about his film “Empire of Evil,” sustainable foods in US universities, an update from the Berlin Film Festival, and a profile of singer M.I.A.

Newstalk features its roundup of PNN journalists who will analyze news of the week.