Today’s Woman starts off with coverage of current events, focusing on issues  related to women.  The show will also discuss women and the labor movements in the United States and Iran.  TW’s special guest will be Ms. Elahe Amani, university professor based in Los Angeles.

News & Views covers the Munich Security conference and remarks made by Vice President Joseph Biden and Iran’s parliamentary speaker, Ali Larijani, and his call for a comprehensive security approach.  Human rights advocate Elaheh Hicks reviews Iran’s human rights record in the 30 years that the Islamic Republic has been in power.  PNN’s newscast also looks at the implications of Pakistan’s decision to release its top nuclear scientist, A.Q. Khan, from house arrest.

48 Hours interviews famous Iranian crooner Hooshmand Aghili and diva Shakila about the impact of the Islamic Revolution on Iranian traditional and pop music.

Late Edition’s top news story is Obama’s South Asia policy.  LE also interview veteran Iranian actress Vida Ghahremani on her role in the movie, “A Thousand Years of Good Prayer.”  There is a review of John Grisham’s new legal thriller, Associate.

Newstalk discusses the Munich Security Conference with three guests.  They will also address the track-record of the Islamic Republic in foreign policy since 1979.