Today’s Woman grapples with the social scourge of meth addiction in Iran and discusses this phenomenon with an NGO person inside Iran and a journalist in the United States.  The show also features a pre-recorded package in which an addict and his mother are interviewed about the issue.

News & Views covers the explosions in Iraq claiming the lives of Shiite pilgrims.  Other stories that get coverage from N&V are the Munich Security Conference and remarks made by Western leaders on how to deal with Iran and it nuclear threat; widespread demonstration against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s plans to allow unlimited reelection for officials, including himself; special report on Iran-Algeria relations; and a request by Tehran to have members of the Iranian militant group People’s Mujahedin of Iran based in Iraq.

48 Hours interviews London-based journalist Alireza Nourizadeh on the report card of the Islamic Republic 30 years after the Islamic Revolution brought clerics to power.

Late Edition looks the chances of centrist Israeli politician Tzipi Livni and rightwing rival Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of elections in Israel as well as protests against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s second attempt to change the constitution to let him govern as long as he wins elections.

Newstalk discusses the roots of the Islamic revolution and whether the upheaval was necessary to bring about change in Iran.  The panelists include former Iranian minister Cyrus Amuzegar from Paris and former president of the Iranian Bar Association Hedayat Matin-Daftary.