Today’s Woman airs the first of three segments focusing on the use of methamphetamine among women in Iran, the first part of the show will discuss methamphetamine use among women in the U.S. with guest Dr. Forouj Zaini, psychologist based in Los Angeles. The remainder of the show will discuss women in sports with PNN contributor Mr. Ali Emadi.

News and Views updates on the launch of Iran’s fist satellite. Charles Vick of Global Security will discuss the impact of the launch. NaV starts its coverage of the 30th anniversary of the revolution in Iran and Dr. Matin Daftary, former president of Iranian Bar Association, will discuss the laws and the constitution of the Islamic Republic. The broadcast will also cover recent comments by Secretary of State Clinton on Iran, and update on the US badminton team’s trip to Iran.

Dr. Mishkat Al-Mumin, former Minister of Environment in the first Iraqi government after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein will join Roundtable to discuss local and regional council elections in Iraq, and the future outlook for general elections in Iraq.

Late Edition reports on the “two-state solution” concept in Israel. There’s also a live report from the Washington auto show, with a focus on “green” vehicles, a report on the 5^th anniversary of Facebook, a preview of Carnival in Brazil, an exhibit of photographer David Lachapelle, and a preview of the Japanese film “Departures.”

Newstalk features political analysts Alireza Nourizadeh from London and Moshen Sazegara, in the DC studio to discuss news of the week.