In an interview with Ms. Shokooh Mirzadeg, author and cultural heritage activist based in Denver, Today’s Woman’s discussion will focus on the meaning of culture, cultural symbols, and the role of women in culture.

News and Views covers reports that the Obama administration is drafting a letter to Iran from the president aimed at unfreezing relations and opening the way for direct talks. We’ll have reactions from the US state Department and elsewhere. Dr. Houshing Amirahmadi, professor at Rutgers University will discuss the letter and the new US policy towards Iran. Mehran Barati, a German affairs analyst, joins the broadcast to discuss Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's upcoming trip to Tehran and the issue of German trade with Iran. NaV also continues its series on Iran’s ties with Latin America.

Roundtable features a discussion about Egypt’s social networking sites and Iran’s crackdown on internet sites with Georgetown University professor Samer Shehabi.

Late Edition offers a live interview with political cartoonist Nikahang Kosar, a tour inside of the Eiffel Tower, a look at new Armani fashions on display at Paris Fashion Week, and a preview of the new film Chandi Chowk to China.

Newstalk features its roundup of PNN journalists who will analyze news of the week.