Today’s Woman will discuss Iranian women athletics with PNN's Ali Emadi. The remainder of the show, will include Belgium-based comedian Ebrahim Nabavi who starts his weekly satirical look at news and politics.

News and Views covers the Obama Administration’s recent overtures to Iran and the Muslim world including President Obama’s interview with Al Arabyia TV. Dr. Shahrokh Vaziri, Professor of Political Economy at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland will join the program to discuss the Obama Administration's relations with Iran and the impact on the region and EU Iranian relations.

Ambassador John Bolton will join Roundtable to discuss his recent article on the fate of the Middle East, and how Iran can/will influence any peace arrangement in the Middle East.

Late Edition offers an update on the Obama administrations discussions about the Middle East. There’s also coverage of Paris Fashion week, a preview of the play Hedda Gabler on Broadway, a look at the new version of Internet Explorer.

Newstalk hosts Dr Rob Sobhani in DC and Nasser Mohammedi in London to discuss news of the day.