Today’s Woman features a blog on self-censorship. In the last two segments of the show viewers’ emails and phone calls will be aired and their questions would be answered.

News and Views covers report that the European Union is taking the MEK off the EU terror list, and unfreeze its assets. We’ll have reactions from the State Department and elsewhere. NaV also updates on the ceasefire in Gaza, previews the elections in Iraq, and opens its Iran/Latin America series. From inside Iran there’s an interview about how increasing Inflation rates affects daily life of Iranian people, and an interview regarding the deputy of Iranian Education Ministry calling the main Iranian students organizations illegal.

Mr. Kazem Alamdari, Iranian author and journalist joins Roundtable to discuss his book "Why the West Progresses, while Iran Regresses."

Late Edition covers a human rights report on the Russia/Georgian war. There’s also a celebration of the Chinese new year, a report on the death of a Brazilian model, a kid bullfighter, an all girl band from Israel, and a review of the Screen Actors Guild movie awards.

Newstalk discusses human rights in Iran and around the world.