Today’s Woman features a blog segment on President Obama's inauguration. The remainder of the show highlighted the Sundance Film Festival and filmmaker Nahid Persson's film "The Queen and I".

News and Views reports on President Obama’s 2^nd day of activity, and world reactions to the Executive Order to shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. There’s also an update on the Gaza truce, and a discussion with Dr. Debra Lindsey-Taliefero Associate Professor, Howard University School of Business, about the US economy and Obama's proposed solutions for fixing it, and how the continued downturn in the finance and housing sectors are affecting the international economy

Roundtable hosts Mr. Kamran Khavaran, an Iranian painter will join us to discuss his most recent works, as well as a new exhibition that he will have in Los Angeles.

Late Edition updates on President Obama’s first days in office. There’s also a report on the new presidential limo known as the “Beast,” an interview about the new documentary Haydeh:Legendary Persian Diva, newly discovered work by Mozart, the Pope’s YouTube channel, and a discussion about the Oscar Nominees.

Newstalk will discuss the week in US foreign policy.