Today’s Woman will focus on music therapy with our guest Ms. Parvin Javadi, music therapist based in Los Angeles.

News and Views continues its reporting on the situation in Gaza, updating the diplomatic efforts, and offering a profile of the group Hamas. Abbas Milani will be our guest to discuss the Gaza situation, as well as US Foreign Policy on Iran, and Obama's Foreign Policy
One of the co-authors of the report on Iran's secret network for procuring military weapons, Paul Brannon, is also NAV's guest. The report just came out earlier this week. He works for the Institute for Science and International Security -- as their senior research analyst. NaV also takes another look at Human Rights Watch annual report—this time with a focus on the US.

Mr. Cyrus Seifi joins Roundtable to discuss the Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iran relationship, and the recent assertion by outgoing National Security Advisor, Steven Hadley, that security in Pakistan and Afghanistan will be the most important issue in the region for the Obama Administration.

Late Edition updates on the situation in Gaza. There’s also a live interview with Dr. Mostafa Dorbayani, Founder and President of The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media, coverage of an art show in Georgia, a story of a designer who makes clothes from cigarette butts, and a review of the new film “Notorious.”

Newstalk features its roundup of PNN journalists who will analyze news of the week.