Today’s Woman will include a blog segment highlighting issues brought up in the recent film, "Valkyrie". Next, the show will discuss pre-recorded viewer phone calls and e-mails.

News and Views updates on the situation in Gaza and will have the latest from the UN and world reactions. Karim Vali, Executive editor of Daily Holar Newspaper in Erbil, Iraq, joins the program. The topic consists of the recent trip of Mr. Noralmalki to Tehran, the Gaza crises, and its impact in the Arab world. There’s also coverage of a trial in France of two suspected lieutenants of Osama bin Laden's and a third man for their roles in a 2002 bombing in Tunisia that killed 21 people, including 2 French nationals. From inside Iran there’s an interview regarding human rights organization’s concern about Iranian prisoners’ fundamental rights, and an interview regarding Shiraz University student’s protests against the arrest of fellow classmates.

Roundtable hosts journalists Jaafar Madani and Foad Pashaei to discuss the crisis in Gaza.

Late Edition updates on the opening of the new US embassy in Baghdad, and the arrival of the Obama’s in Washington DC. There’s also a report on surfers who do yoga, a wrap-up of the year in sports, new hair styles for the new year, and a preview of the new film “Che.”

Newstalk discusses human rights in Iran and around the world.