Today’s Woman will update on the situation with Shirin Ebadi and her organization. There’s an interview with Fathollah Soltani, Ebadi’s attorney, and Abdul-Karim Lahigi, and Iranian human rights activist.

News and Views continues it reporting on the Gaza crisis. Hussein Ibish, Communications Director for American Task Force on Palestine, and Jacob Dayan, Israel’s Counsel General in Los Angeles, will join the broadcast to offer commentary on the situation.
There’s also reporting on protests in Tehran, one against Israel’s use of force against the Palestinians, and the other against Shirin Ebadi and her organization. NaV will also offer coverage of the 50^th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Mohsen Sazgara, will join the program to discuss the economic power of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and their influence on the economy of the nation.

Late Edition will update on the crisis in the Mid East. There’s also an interview with Mana Neyestani, one of the greatest Iranian cartoonists, live from Malaysia, “lucky bags” of high fashion in Japan, the rage for pets in the city of San Francisco, and a profile of British singer Estella Swaray.

Newstalk will discuss the week in US foreign policy.