Today’s Woman will feature a round-up of the stories most significant to Iranian women over the past year.

News and Views continues its coverage of the situation in Gaza, and guest Mehrdad Khonsari will discuss Iran’s role in the crisis, and our Paris correspondent will cover a meeting between French President Sarkozy and Tzipi *Livni*, Israel's foreign minister. There’s also a wrap up of New Year’s celebration around the world, and an interview with Iranian artist Nasser Ovissi to discuss his recent work and auction of previous work.

Roundtable features its viewer participation day, with an emphasis on the most important stories, issues, and trends of the past year.

Late Edition features an update on how the White House is dealing with the Gaza crisis. There’s also a wrap-up of the year in video gaming, a report about the dispute over the new year “leap second,” a story about women golfers, the status of tourism in Australia, and a preview of the new film “What Doesn’t Kill You.”

Newstalk features its roundup of PNN journalists who will analyze news of the week.