Today’s Woman: The show will feature Dr. Moini to discuss facial transplant and reconstructive surgeries.

News and Views: President Bush meets Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.
An Israeli air strike on Saturday against a Gaza rocket squad killed a Palestinian militant, the first death since Hamas militants formally declared an end to a six-month truce with Israel.
Our guest is Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba.

The First Two Days: The show will have John Parker, the chief of the Division for Caucasus and Central Asia in the Office for Russian and Eurasian Analysis at the Bureau of Intelligence and Research within the U.S. Department of State. He will discuss his book “Persian Dreams: Moscow and Tehran since the fall of the Shah”.

Late Edition: Top Story: Zimbabwe Politics aid
Our guest is Mr. Kaveh Farrokh, Persian historian to discuss his new book.

NewsTalk: The show will discuss Iran in the past week; with Dr. Mehran Barati, Mr. Mehdi Khalagi, and Mr. Kourosh Sehhati.