Today’s Womanwill discuss the case of Ms. Ameneh Bahrami, an Iranian woman who had acid thrown over her head and now seeks equivalent retribution. Our guest is Dr. Amir Sabori, documentary director based in New York. We will also have a blog segment regarding Ms. Bahrami's situation.

News and Viewsreports on President Bush’s comments regarding Russia and Iran. There’s also coverage of reports that the Obama administration is creating an “Iran Outreach” office in the State Department. And the broadcast will update on the “shoe intifada” with coverage of comments by an Iranian cleric regarding the man who threw shoes at President Bush.
Cornell University President David Skorton joins live to discuss his recent trip to Iran with other university presidents.

Mr. Arash Sigarchi, Iranian blogger and human rights activist who had attended a meeting with President Bush at the White House on bloggers, joins Roundtableto talk about the meeting, and the efforts of bloggers to fight for freedom in their respective countries.

Late Editionreports on how broken racial barriers paved the way for Obama presidency. There’s also an interview with Maz Jobrani to a talk about Iranian Americans in Hollywood, a preview of the week’s new films, and an exhibit of new artists in Russia.

Newstalkwill discuss the week in US foreign policy.