Today’s Woman highlighted responses from a recent Roundtable interview with Ms. Hirsi-Ali, Dutch feminist and author of the controversial autobiography "Infidel".

News and Views reports that Federal authorities moved to seize assets from a company suspected of being a front for an Iranian bank, The Assa Corp, that has ties to terrorism. NaV continues its coverage of the OPEC meetings and the world economic crisis. The broadcast is joined by Mr. Hossein Ben Yousef, Oil and Petroleum expert, to discuss the outcome of OPEC meetings.
NaV is also joined by Prof. Touraj Atabaki—from Leiden University in the Netherlands – who will discuss the apology issued by Turkish intellectuals on Monday for Turkey's involvement in the massacre of Armenians.
From inside Iran there’s an interview with Dr. Raees Dana to discuss why Iranian government has postponed the “Comprehensive economic plan” for more two weeks. There’s also an interview regarding the more than 1000 workers of the “Pipe-maker factory” in Ahwaz who demonstrated while Ahmadinejad was in Ahwaz.

Roundtable hosts novelist and poet Shokooh Mirzadegi who will discuss the Iranian government’s efforts to deemphasize traditional Iranian holidays.

Late Edition reports on the sentencing of the organizer of the Rwandan Genocide. There’s also a live interview with a member of the rap group Tapesh 2012, an exhibit of video artwork by Shirin Neshat, and a preview of the new film Will Smith film Seven Pounds.

Newstalk features its roundup of PNN journalists who will analyze news of the week.