Today’s Woman discusses the latest in gene therapy research. The program will then focus on issues relating to environment both in and outside of Iran.

News and Views covers President Bush’s surprise trip to Iraq and Afghanistan. There’s also reporting on Iran boycotting a meeting in Paris regarding Afghanistan and its neighbors.
NaV continues it coverage of Iran’s economy with reports that Iran’s stock exchange plummeted to its lowest level 5 years.
From Inside Iran there’s an interview regarding “Student Day” the former President Mohammad Khatami planned trip to Tehran University to give speeches to the students today.
There’s also a discussion about comments by Iranian Central Bank’s chief regarding small Iranian businesses.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Steve Biddle, award-winning author of /Military Power: Explaining Victory and Defeat in Modern Battle/ . Former Associate Professor and Elihu Root Chair of Military Studies at the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute. Dr. Biddle's expertise is in U.S. national security policy; military strategy and the conduct of war; technology in modern warfare; recent operations in the war on terror. He will join us to discuss his new paper, "A Middle East Strategy for the New President -- Evolution of Iraq Strategy. Dr. Biddle has also served as senior aide to Gen. David Petraeus, Commander of CENTCOM, and former Commander of Multi-National Forces in Iraq.

Late Edition updates on President Bush’s trip to Iraq and Afghanistan. There’s also live medical wrap up, electric car technology in Israel, a sports segment focused on “curling,” and a review of the new film /The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Newstalk discusses human rights in Iran and around the world.