One Million Signatures activist Fariba Mohajer will join Today’s Woman to update on OMS Campaign involvement with on-campus sexual assaults. Also we will observe the 60th anniversary of International Human Rights Day. U.S. President George Bush will meet with an activist from Sudan's troubled Darfur region and bloggers from China, Burma, Egypt, Iran and other countries Wednesday to mark Human Rights Day.

News and Views offers comprehensive coverage of International Human Rights Day live reports from Washington and New York.
Rudi Bakhtiar and Babak Hoghooghi will appear on NAV to discuss the Zogby survey of Iranian-Americans in the United States. They are the public relations director and executive director of the Public Affairs Association of Iranian-Americans.
On the occasion of the global day for human rights five Iranian human rights organization called UN and other international human rights groups to send a human rights inspector group to Iran. PNN has interviewed the spokespersons of two of those organizations. And the 8th part of the censorship series airs today. This part is on a political and "physical" conflict of two government members from two different factions over censorship.

Late Edition updates on how the Mumbai terrorists used technology to their advantage. There’s also a report on the student movement in Iran on this International Human Rights day, a preview of Beyonce’s new album and the new film Revolutionary Road, and the “comeback” of the band Blur.

Roundtable dedicates today’s program to viewer participation.

Newstalk features political analysts Alireza Nourizadeh from London and Moshen Sazegara, in the DC studio to discuss news of the week.