Today’s Woman will have two guests to discuss temporary marriage. Dr. Mohammad Borqei, who believes temporary marriage can play a role in Muslim countries, will be on set and University of Toronto Professor Ms. Gharavi will appear via remote to argue it can never have a legitimate role.

News and Views reports that Benjamin Netanyahu Israel's next leader said on Monday he saw Barack Obama as serious about denying Iran nuclear arms. There’s also coverage of nuclear disarmament negotiators sparring with North Korea on Tuesday, with talks seeking to narrow distrust and settle rules allowing inspectors to probe the North's atomic activities. Additionally, Russian media report Russian officials believe Iran does not currently have the capability to build a nuclear weapon.
Mr. Assad Matin, former Afghan Diplomat at the United Nations, joins NaV to discuss Afghanistan/Pakistan security and other regional issues.
NaV features the 7th part of the censorship series. From inside Iran there’s an interview with energy expert Dr. Taghizadeh regarding the Persian Gulf’s energy reserves.

Dr. Syed F. Hasnat of the Middle East Institute will join Roundtable to discuss the recent terrorist activities in Mumbai, their effects on the Pakistani/Indian relations, as well as Iran's role in a potential conflict or deflection of a potential conflict in the area.

Late Edition features an update on the situation in Zimbabwe. There’s also coverage of a convention on genocide, a US city where bikes rule the road, celebrity honors at Washington DC’s Kennedy Center, and a report on the mini-series /House of Saddam/.

Newstalk hosts Dr Rob Sobhani in DC and Nasser Mohammedi in London to discuss news of the day.