As alternative medical treatments become more popular globally, Today’s Woman will discuss the role of alternative medicine in Iran.

News and Views reports on President Bush’s interview with Middle East Broadcasting where he discusses his legacy specifically as it applies to the policy in the Mid East.
NaV reports on President elect Obama’s interview yesterday where he discusses Iran and its nuclear program, and we’ll have reaction from inside Iran on the discussion.
Following up on the weekends student protest, the broadcast has an interview with two student activists from Tehran & Hamedan.
From inside Iran we have a wrap-up in regard with the student’s movement, with interviews with the families of the mass execution of 1988 who were arrested a few months ago because they held a mourning ceremony at their home.

Dr. Robert Burdahl, President of American Association of Universities, as well as Dr. Dan Mote, President of the University of Maryland will join Roundtable to discuss their recent trip to Iran as part of a seven member delegation of university presidents who visited Iran and have agreed on a "memorandum of agreement" to exchange professors and students with Iran's Sharif University, and to share more of their visit to Iranian universities.

Late Edition updates on President elect Obama’s economic plans, and well as comments regarding Iran. There’s also a live medical wrap up, a sports segment featuring surfing in Hawaii, an “Eco” mosque in the Mid East, classical music in Kenya, and a preview of the new film /The Wrestler/.

Newstalk features and discussion about human rights in Iran and around the world.